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Casvi Boadilla
November / Noviembre 17, 2020
We are booktubers

We are booktubers

The Booktuber world in Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla has arisen thanks to an idea of the English department. Just the first English project has been becoming a booktuber. First, 8th grade students chose a book, which they recommended to their classmates. This is a new and original project. Thanks to that, students have learnt and improved their English level while developing their creativity.



What is a booktuber?

First, our students inquired about people who recommend books on Youtube, called booktubers. They discovered they are young people who film and edit their book reviews and later, they upload the videos toYoutube. So, through entertaining and dynamic videos, not only they give their opinion about the last book they have read, but also they review and recommend it to a specific audience. 
¿Qué es un booktuber? Sobre ello indagaron nuestros alumnos.

The aim of this activity carried out in 8th grade is to encourage reading habits, suggesting books that attract students’ attention.


How was it done? 


Teachers gave them the clue to become a booktuber. First, they had to create a copy of the book using a cardboard. They reproduced the front cover, writing the title and image; but also the spine, and the blurb with a synopsis and a photo of the author.

Realizaron su réplica del libro con cartulina para luego crear su vídeo de booktuber.

After reading the book, they filmed their own review. To do this, they inquired about the Spanish booktubers, and then recorded and edited their own video using the tools of their iPad. This way they learn a wide variety of the unit vocabulary, related to books. Which parts of the book did they stand out?

Como auténticos booktubers, presentaron las distintas partes de un libro.
  • Front cover. They talk about the tittle and the characters using expressions such as “Have you ever read Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs? This is the book I am going to talk about”.
  • Blurb. They wrote the author's biography or any curiosity about him and the book synopsis where they explained the plot. 
  • Spine. They explained the information they included in it, such as the tittle or the publisher.
  • Literary genres. They identified the genre and also asked their classmates what kind of books they like to read or about their favourite ones. The most popular book genre was novel.
Portadas creadas por los booktubers de Casvi Boadilla.

Moreover, they have to give their personal opinion while they showed their book: why they liked or didn’t like it, what called their attention and what the target audience is.

Nuestros alumnos posan con sus libros tras realizar su reseña.

Taking advantage of audiovisual resources, they recommended the readings using the requested grammatical forms, they reflected on the script and learned the parts of a book.
Imagen proyectada en el Ipad donde explica as características de su libro favorito.

Educational benefits of becoming a booktuber

  • We encourage reading among students because before doing the project they have to read the book.
  • They improve the oral expression, learn a wide variety of vocabulary and expressions. Moreover, they must focus on their pronunciation.
  • They improve their confidence by presenting their project in front of their classmates.
  • They create a reading list thanks to the their partners reviews.
  • They work on the International Baccalaureate attributes profile, as they first inquired about what a booktuber does, but they also worked as informed, educated and open-minded students.