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Casvi Boadilla
October / Octubre 20, 2020
When should we start to look for a school?

When should we start to look for a school?

Three months, six months, one year, two years earlier… than our child starts school. Without thinking about how long has taken to choose the school, it is obvious that families ponder long and hard. First, they compare schools and finally they choose the best option for the future of their children.  


In Casvi group we are open all-year-round to attend to new families. Last September, we came back to school in the middle of a pandemic. This has meant a new challenge for schools. Now, we have to show our school, methodology and values online or face to face, maintaining the security measures for our students in class.

Buscar colegio Madrid: Jornada de Puertas Abiertas de febrero de 2020 en Casvi Boadilla.


Thus, the situation we have lived since last March in Spain has also forced us to adapt the visits to show you our facilities and answer your questions. That is why we make interviews by phone as well as videoconferences, although we continue showing you our school in person. Following the security measures, you have to arrange an appointment to have an interview.


Questions you asked when you look for a school

What should we have into account when we look for a school? When you visit us in the Open Days or during the personal interviews, some of the common questions are related to the number of classes for each age, ratios and facilities. From my point of view, methodology is more important because we must take into account that our children will stay at school for many hours.

Buscar colegio en Madrid con una metodología del Bachillerato Internacional.

  • We have a methodology based on the International Baccalaureate (IB). Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla is an IB World School with two IB Programmes: Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme. This means a constructivist way of work based on: inquiring, exploring and doing research for acquiring knowledge. That way, learning has no limits.

    A la hora de buscar colegios es importante tener en cuenta la oferta de idiomas.
  • How many languages are spoken in Casvi? We teach English, from 2 years old; French and German, from Grade 7. Learning a new language and join our Linguistic Exchanges encourages children to be open-minded and discover new cultures

    Admisión colegio: los plazos los marca la Comunidad de Madrid.
  • What kind of sports activities do you offer? "Mens sana in corpore sano" or “a healthy mind in a healthy body” it is our slogan related to our concept of sports, balancing physical and mental aspects in life. For this reason, we have PE classes and swimming classes every day. They are given in our sports hall, the outdoor multi-sport courts and the indoor swimming pools. For Kindergarten students we have also psychomotor skills classes, taught in English.

    Tenemos comedor y cocina propios. El menú escolar lo elabora a diario nuestro personal.
  • Does it include a school canteen? Children’s diet is very important for their growth. That is why our chefs prepare food every day and students have lunch in our school canteen. Menus are designed by nutritionists. 

    La admisión colegio depende de la Comunidad de Madrid.
  • Are there any extracurricular activities? When the school schedule has finished we give children the opportunity to join these activities to improve the work-life balance of our families. We have a wide variety to make easier choosing the one that suits best the personality and age of the child. We teach Robotics, Fun English, Minisports, Guitar, Painting, Modern Dance, Chess, Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet, Basketball, Judo, Indoor Football, Swimming and Athletics.

    A la hora de buscar colegio en Madrid encontrarás una amplia oferta.
  • Have you got school bus service? We have two school bus routes in order to provide our students a vehicle. One sets off from Majadahonda, the other goes around Boadilla. The school buses have all the security measures. The students are accompanied by a supervisor, who is a Casvi teacher and he is responsible for ensuring their safety.

    En la Jornada de Puertas Abiertas numerosas familias preguntaron por: admisión colegio.
  • When is the application date? As a state-subsidised private school, the deadline is established by the Region of Madrid. However, we arrange personal appointments all-year-round and when the covid-19 disappears, we will organize the Open Days as usual.

If you have some questions about when and whereyou should start looking for a school,we are here to answer them. Last but not least, to all Casvi families, thank you for choosing us.