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October / Octubre 13, 2020
Helping children to get along with their classmates

Helping children to get along with their classmates

Eurocolegio Casvi pays special attention to the learning process, taking care of everyone’s educational and social necessities. Therefore, to help students to adapt to the school environment, we count on a “Plan de Acción Tutorial” and a Guidance Department. Both are in charge of assessing them one by one and making possible their integration into the group.


In the end, our goal is to ensure they have the values we have always wanted to be transmitted when leaving school:
  • Respect and tolerance. We form students who respect people and the environment around them, caring and positive. They work on these values cooperating with Acción Solidaria Casvi.
  • Determination and persistence. We must transmit the importance of everyday work to be trained for future challenges. Not always goals are reached in a day, there are also long-term objectives that must have a daily work.
  • Empathy. Being able to put yourself in other's shoes will help you to act in a principled way every day.
  • Enthusiasm. Students should enjoy everything they do, showing interest and passion.
  • Responsibility. They must be aware of the consequences of their actions and be responsible for them.  

                                                                                                En nuestro colegio, ubicado en Boadilla del Monte, se realizan actividades complementarias para ayudar a los hijos a convivir.


School Life and Tutorial Action   

To work on all these values regularly and improve the school environment, we have a School Interaction Plan and, as mentioned above, a “Plan de Acción Tutorial” that helps to detect problems or prevent them. Our aim is the integration of the agents involved in the students' teaching process as well as their comprehensive education: character, personality, self-esteem, abilities, habits and attitudes.
The tutorial action is a continuous process, from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate. In the first stages our foremost concern is to integrate the child into the class group. It is required a successful adaptation and prevent learning difficulties. 
Colegio Boadilla del Monte con departamento de orientación.
When students have grown, counsellors will be involved in the vocational and guidance process apart from encouraging them to be participative with the school group and their environment.

Actions to improve interaction in the classroom                                                         

We complement the job done by the counsellors with one activity in groups every month. This will encourage students’ inclusion, and this will help them in their interpersonal relationships improving their confidence in the group. For example:
Mejora de la convivencia en el centro concertado Casvi.
  • We make activities to recognise, identify and communicate their feelings. For instance, Kindergarten pupils do it by playing the "magic hat" game. Wearing the hat, the child is able to express how he feels, it is like a magic power.
  • We encourage students to share something important for them. "My favourite animal is...", "my favourite toy is...". In this way we make possible students to feel glad at sharing their likes and interests. It can be carried out in English too.
  • Students also make essential agreements at the beginning of the course, where they expose their ideas, which will benefit the group. Why? After that they discuss the ideas and decide altogether the class rules, such as the class greeting, the basic rules in the school canteen or when they walk along the aisle. This favours an active listening and respect for others’ ideas. They have to reach an agreement.
  • The Guidance Department works with sociograms. Group links are analysed with this test. The main idea is to strengthen bonds and avoid risk of exclusion in their groups, modifying their friendships network.

Departamento de Orientación impartiendo salud digital. Colegios concertados Boadilla del Monte.

As part from the comprehensive training, we have other programmes focused on increasing knowledge and making our students capable of generating strategies to improve their personal skills. This is done by several professionals and a platform whose training is planned throughout the year.

  • Students from Grade 6 to 9 are important at the time of improving interactions at school in order to prevent bullying. We do it with the help of “Generación Convive programme”. Performing different activities, we ameliorate the school environment, we promote activities to get along with each other and we encourage personal relationships based on respect. 

    Using this programme, students learn about social skills and emotional intelligence
    , they also work on solving conflicts and mediation so that they can help their classmates when they are in trouble. These students who help others are what we know as “Equipos y Amigos Alerta”. 
  • Talks given by the Guardia Civil and the Agente Tutor Unit to prevent bullying, drug use and alcohol consumption, risks of the Internet and social networks, equality in diversity and sexual non-discrimination.
To sum up, to help with the school life we have a “Plan de Acción Tutorial”, a guidance department that cooperates with the counsellors, as well as several activities in groups to improve self-esteem and social relations. To conclude, talks given by other professionals complement all these actions in favour of successful relationships.