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October / Octubre 6, 2020
What is the International Baccalaureate?

What is the International Baccalaureate?

International Baccalaureate provides a different methodology in the classroom. It is the educational progress and continuous search for improving our students’ learning that has led us to this change. Currently, classes are more dynamic and collaborative. But what is the International Baccalaureate

It is an organisation that is addressed to ensure that its students have an international mindedness. This approach allows us to stimulate students in an academic way as well as in their personal development working with units of inquiry.
Sobre que es el Bachillerato Internacional trabajan nuestros alumnos.
Applying this methodology children learn by practising. During lessons they inquire, test and reflect on the acquired knowledge. Teachers do not teach giving master classes as they did years ago. Nowadays they guide students along this learning process. 
Sobre que es el Bachillerato Internacional trabajan nuestros alumnos.
In that way, our students develop skills and abilities by means of conceptual learning, testing and inquiries. In the units of inquiry, students ask questions, investigate and reflect on their learning. This way we foster their critical thought and analytical capacity.
Los exámenes Bachillerato Internacional se realizan una vez acaban el PD. Tras el PEP y el PAI hacen proyectos.
This learning is pushed out to daily life through real actions. The table of contents is not the purpose, it is a way to reach the understanding. Therefore, what we seek is that students obtain a significant learning they will not forget. With this practice, we will help them to live in a globalised and interconnected society. 
Con el Bachillerato Internacional desarrollan su creatividad.

International Baccalaureate and EvAU exam

We talked above about how we want to foster an international mindedness in our students but, how can we achieve it? We can do it implementing the IB programmes that stimulate our students in their development.
  • PYP (Primary Years Programme), Kindergarten and Primary students. These are the first stages of their learning. They start to create and express their own opinions. They work with units of inquiry so that students can know the world around them. This stage finishes with our students doing the PYP exhibition. They show their abilities and knowledge got over the years.
  • MYP (Middle Years Programme), Middle School students. When they pass to this educational stage students continue working on the IB attributes in an interdisciplinary way. They must understand what they are studying in order to apply their knowledge to real life. They don’t have to memorize. Hence, they obtain a significant learning. This stage also finishes with a personal project made by students where they show the skills and abilities they have gained during these years.
  • PD (Diploma Programme). Baccalaureate students develop their critical thought and analytical skills. When they are about to finish this stage they have to take the International Baccalaureate exams, which are validated to get into university without taking the EvAU exams.

    Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla is IB World School with the first two programmes, PYP and MYP. We were the first school admitted as an official PYP School in 2019, and in 2020 with MYP. On the other hand, the Diploma Programme is taught in our schools located in Villaviciosa and Tres Cantos.

Team working in covid-19 times

As we said before, students work with projects in a helpful way. They help each other and work together. Working that way they boost their learning and their classmates’ learning. However, how can we carry out this work following the covid-19 security measures
Bachillerato Internacional y selectividad: los exámenes del IB convalidan su nota para acceder a la universidad.
They will do teamwork maintaining clearance. For this purpose, tables will be placed in a diamond, increasing the previous distance. In addition to this, students are wearing a mask and a screen in every moment. Ipads and any other material that should be used individually will not be shared. On the other hand, all the material they share in groups will be sanitized after using.
En el Bachillerato Internacional Boadilla trabajamos con mesas en rombo.
To sum up, we want our students to develop an international mindedness by fostering their curiosity. To reach this goal, they work on 10 attributes: inquisitive and open minded, informed and instructed, thinkers and good communicators, well-rounded, reflective, courageous, compassionate and balanced.
Para saber que es el bachillerato internacional trabajamos con nuestros alumnos los 10 perfiles del IB.
Working them, students will be prepared for the future once they have finished the school period and it will be easier to gain admission to any university around the world.