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September / Septiembre 29, 2020
The importance of obtaining an English level certificate

The importance of obtaining an English level certificate

English is the most spoken language in the world, that’s why we start teaching English at an early ages so that when they complete their studies, they can understand everything they hear and read, as well as expressing themselves fluently and spontaneously in any context. While they are in Eurocolegio Casvi, we train them to pass the Cambridge English Qualifications. In 2019, 7 million people took the exams as Cambridge University highlight on its website.


Students learn English following the different units of inquiry while they are at school. In Kindergarten, students learn phrases, vocabulary and sounds using the phonetic method based on Jolly Phonics. They improve their oral and written comprehension using songs, games and cards. They do it in a playful way, it is important that they live activities on their own.
También nos apoyamos en los Ipad para la preparación de los exámenes inglés también.
In Primary pupils start to work in small groups, speaking about real situations. They work doing several projects and inquiries and teachers guide them with the aim of improving fluency and spontaneity through role-plays and presentation of other projects.
Diálogo de exámenes inglés en Casvi Boadilla.
When they are about to finish this educational stage, some of the students start doing the official exams in order to prove their English level. They sit Cambridge exams in our school, supervised by teachers from the British Institution.
Los exámenes de inglés de Casvi se realizan con una preparación previa.
Thus, in Grade 6 they take the Cambridge exam: B1 Preliminary (PET). In 2018-19, 100% of the students passed this exam. After participating in the language exchange that took place in Oklahoma (USA) the exam was easy peasy.
Clases de exámenes de Inglés Cambridge en Madrid.
Our students also attend lessons in small groups in Middle School. We motivate them by  making them do some research on different topics. Once they have their project ready it is presented to their mates. It turns out really interesting. However, this school year they are going to do them by themselves, one by one, to prevent SARS-COV-2. 
Thanks to teachers’ and students’ effort, in Grade 9 and 10 some pupils pass the C1 Advanced (CAE). Silvia L. achieved it in 10th Grade and now she wants to study in a foreign university. Others, pass the B2 First Certificate.
Clases de exámenes de inglés en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.
Thanks to their good command of English, some Middle School and Baccalaureate students study abroad, they usually travel to the USA and the UK. Others continue at our school where they keep on training for Cambridge English exams. 

Why do we prepare our students for Cambridge English exams?

In order to get their English level accredited according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)we give them the opportunity to pass Cambridge exams. In a future it may encourage them to study abroad or it will be useful for their careers.
Preparación de exámenes inglés Cambridge en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla, Madrid.
Daniel D., former student, admits that the certificate helped to improve his professional profile out of Spain. "Thanks to that , I was able to pursue an opportunity abroad. I studied in Michigan, in the US, and I also worked in London, in the United Kingdom".
En Bachillerato se llevan a cabo exámenes de nivel de inglés First y Advanced.
Last but not least, we sum up the advantages of passing these English level exams:
  • International recognition. Cambridge Qualifications complement the CEFR. Obtaining this certificate you will be able to accredit your English level in an official way inside and outside Spain. 
  • Development of oral and written skills. Doing these exams you will improve your English level and also your speaking and writing skills.
  • Job opportunities. Presenting this certificate of English you prove your level and your abilities in job interviews, so you will be more competitive than other candidates.
  • Studying abroad. It happens the same as in job interviews. Gaining admission into universities will be easier because you have an oficial document.
  • This certificate doesn't expire. However, you are supposed to ameliorate your skills eventually and keep practicing in order not to lose that once learnt.
  • Open your mind. Studying a new language will help us work our international mentality by learning new cultures. As Nelson Mandela said: “When you speak a language (English) well, many people understand you, including Afrikaners, but when you speak Afrikaans, you know you go straight to their hearts.” Let’s learn a new language.