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Casvi Boadilla
September / Septiembre 28, 2020
The wait is over: Communions 2020 were celebrated

The wait is over: Communions 2020 were celebrated

5 grade students in Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla enjoyed the day they were longing for, the day of their First Communion. The ceremony was originally scheduled for May, but due to the months of confinement, it was inevitably postponed. Nerves were left behind and they lived this special day.


The confinement days are over and the school’s security measures have made it possible for the communions to take place. On 19th and 20th September, the ceremony was celebrated following the hygienic measures: hand wash before going into the church, benches clearance, ventilation, use of masks mandatory... 

Photo gallery, Saturday: HERE

Photo gallery, Sunday: HERE


Bancos con separación en la Iglesia de Boadilla para celebrar la Comunión.

Everybody put forth a huge effort in order to make it happen. The aim was clear: to celebrate the communions so that they weren’t further delayed, and to guarantee the safety of our families. 

Communion's celebration in Boadilla

During students’ photo booth, everyone made sure to uphold the hygienic measures put in place in order to avoid contagion.  Afterwards, our pupils headed to Santo Cristo de la Misericordia church, which is located close to Casvi Boadilla, in Boadilla del Monte. This was the novelty of the celebration in order to guarantee the necessary security measures.
Sesión de fotos de comuniones en Madrid, Boadilla.
The ceremony was conducted, as always, by Juan Román. He was the one in charge of welcoming all the students with great joy. It was a long-anticipated event, hence the happy faces of the children who saw their big dream finally come true. And best of all, they did so together with their friends and classmates. We waited a long time for this event.
Ofrendas de la celebración de la comunión en Casvi Boadilla.
Children began fulfilling their wishes, and they did it accompanied by their friends and classmates. Noemí Carrera, teacher in Casvi Boadilla, did not miss the Communions either. She sang in the ceremony, only supported by her guitar. This time the choir did not participate in order to maintain the school's small groups. This way, we did not mix students from different stages and classes.
El coro de la comunión no pudo asistir al evento y la música la puso nuestra profesora Noemí Carrera.
Emotions ran wild during this special day, as those who are no longer with us due to the virus were remembered, as well as those relatives who couldn’t attend because of the measures adopted by the Region of Madrid.
Celebración de la comunión de Casvi Boadilla en la iglesia de Boadilla.
Rest assured that even with the distance, friends, relatives, teachers and all the members of the Casvi Community were thinking about the kids during such a special event, which they will remember forever.