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September / Septiembre 30, 2020
Academic year 2020-21, how to choose an extra-curricular activity?

Academic year 2020-21, how to choose an extra-curricular activity?

What extra-curricular activity should I choose for my child? You must think about the one that suits best with your children’s age and personality. Due to the exceptional moment we are living in Madrid, this school year we will not organize extracurricular activities such as Painting, Guitar, Robotics, Spanish and Classical Dance, Chess, Fun English, sports, etc.  So, we cancel these activities with the aim of preventing contagion because of Covid-19.


Why? The main reason is that we have created “small bubble groups” so that students only interact with some children; they stick with the same group in class, as well as in the school yard or in the school canteen. Thus, if there is a student infected with Covid-19, classmates will be isolated and controlled. 
As our teachers said in the video, extracurricular activities promote some skills and values: self-improvement, team spirit, respect, empathy, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, etc. In addition, students work on creativiy, phisical activity and create bonds. This depend on the extracurricular activity choosen.
However, we want our students to continue developing skills and abilities outside the school, so that they work on the attributes of the IB profile. We must remember students should decide too, as The Little Prince said"One much require from each one the duty which each one can perform".
For this reason, we propose several activities in order to promote these attributes during this period of time.

Do extracurricular activities at home

  • Sport activities. Playing with balls of different sizes you can discover a new sport every day like tennis, football, basketball or handball. You can also search for a place to do athletics, jump over obstacles or ride a bicycle. 

    Entre las actividades extraescolares para niños de Casvi está el atletismo.

    That way we encourage children to work on physical and emotional balance, as a result they will be happy and have a feeling of well-being. In case they have siblings, it is a good option to play using balls, so that they can learn to share and be caring

    If they prefer dancing, we can encourage them to look for their favourite songs and their choreographies using the Internet, they must do this under parental control. After that, they can sing as their favourite singers do. 
  • Creative activities. They can develop and express themselves in an artistic and free way if we provide them with different materials: watercolours, crayons, printing techniques, acrylics... They can also express themselves through music. If your child is interested in playing some instrument, we can offer it or design some to do percussion. 
    Moreover, we should let them inquire about other formats and artistic works through the Internet, thus, they will be inquirers and knowledgeable.

    Entre las actividades extraescolares para niños de Casvi está la pintura.

  • Languages. For little kids, we had Fun English in which they learned and upgraded their English level. To continue the learning at home, we can play Tv series 5-10 minutes long, such as Sesame Street or Let's Go Pocoyo. This how they discover other cultures and we encourage an open-minded student. 

    Once they‘ve finished some chapters we can ask them questions. In that way, they reflect on what happened and explain it as good communicators. 
  • Logic activities. We can play chess, draughts or Rummikub with them. We will develop their logical and analytical capacities. They need to think about their next movement, as well as in the possibilities of their opponents. So that, they will create different strategies and they will improve their concentration. .
  • Reading comprehension. Reading books make us live new adventures. That is why we can share books with our children, reading with them. We can even propose reading the same book to their friends. After that, they can share the stories apart from seeing what they understood while reading the book.
Entre las actividades extraescolares para niños de Casvi está el Inglés.
We are living a new period of time and we must be risk takers as our methodology suggest. Our educational community is facing new challenges, because of that we must be honest and responsible for our actions. Thus, we propose these extra-curricular activities prepared for children to help students work on the attributes of the IB profile.