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September / Septiembre 15, 2020
Activities for kids, learning through music

Activities for kids, learning through music

Music has been an important subject for children since they started school. It has positive effects on his cognitive, creative, intellectual and psychological development. In addition, it increases their memory, attention and concentration capacity.  


From Pre-K we foster the development of pupils’ skills and talents through listening, vocal and instrumental interpretation and body language. In that way they strengthen routines and learn the days of the week, the Seasons or the months.
Thanks to music, our students develop their creativity and express themselves through it. It helps them to be more independent in their everyday life and to improve their socialization. As Stevie Wonder sang in Sir Duke song: "Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand".
Kids learning music at school during an English class.
It is even known that music stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain, the one in charge of learning language, numbers and the use of logic.
Through musical rhythms and melodies, students from Kindergarten to Middle School are able to memorize texts and retain much more information.

Why is it Music Education important for learning?

Because Music accompanies our students in all stages of their lives as a learning tool. Working in a transdisciplinary way, they learn:
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Sports
  • Science
And many more subjects through music, dance, gestures and choreography. In fact, without music, learning would be less fun and effective.
Students learn to play the piano inside the music classroom.
For example, the English phonetics learning through the Jolly Phonics method is used in Kindergarten activities. With this method, children improve their comprehension and oral expression in a playful and dynamic way through songs. 
To carry out the musical activities, we have two classrooms equiped with many instruments, so that they can develop their talent and creativity. 
We have these instruments, among others, with which they can develop all their talent and imagination:
  • Maracas
  • Keys
  • Tambourines
  • Xylophones
  • Wood blocks
  • Triangles
  • Bells
  • Castanets

Music activities in Casvi

Here in Casvi, we also promote learning through ICT. For example, Middle School students create their own compositions using usan the Garage Band App in their Ipads.
Music activities. We simulate playing the guitar in English class.
  • World Music Day. It is promoted by the music teachers on November 22nd. This day, they organise different activities for children: they dance, sing, develop their creativity and reflect on melodies and their feelings.
  • School choir. They can also take part in school choir. They put into practice what they have learned in school events such as communions or graduation events.  In addition, choir members performs a Christmas recital for the local retirement home.
  • Factor C. Finally, they can also develop all their talent in the Factor C contest. It is celebrated at the end of the school year and students show their skills and abilities singing, dancing and performing.