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Eurocolegio CASVI
October / Octubre 21, 2019
We stand out inside the annual Ecoescuelas’ newsletter

We stand out inside the annual Ecoescuelas’ newsletter

The school community's commitment to protect and take care of the environment has been increasing since Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla joined the Eco-Escuelas project. It was in March 2018, when we participated on the Day of Reflecion about Climate Change. Then, we created some messages on the school yards. This is why our centre has been included in the annual Ecoescuelas’ newsletter.

Casvi Boadilla aparece en el boletín anual de Ecoescuelas 2019.


This is an online issue sent by email to 527 Spanish centres that take part on Eco-Escuelas project. You can see this news and other activities of the 2019 newsletter clicking HERE.