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In athletics, pupils develop psychomotor skills and work on coordination while acquiring values such as perseverance and hard work. As part of the training pupils practice running, throwing and jumping. For younger pupils, training is play-oriented while those who participate regularly compete in competitions and also focus on continued improvement of technique and exercises for resistance, elasticity and speed.

Escuelas deportivas en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


Over the course of the year, the athletics team led by our teacher Antonio Cerezo participates in different races, many of them for charity. The categories our pupils participate in are from benjamín to sénior

Escuelas deportivas en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


They also include triathlon and duathlon trials in which some of our Middle School and Baccalaureate pupils compete.

Escuelas deportivas en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


In March 2019 our boys under 14s athletics team took third place for Casvi Boadilla in the “Divirtiéndose con el Atletismo” championship in which over 50 schools from the Madrid region participated.  The most memorable moment of the competition was when our team took the gold medal in the 4x200m relay.

Escuelas Depotivas en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.