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Music gives pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and work on their concentration and express their emotions differently. That’s why from Preschool we foster the development of pupils’ skills and talents through listeningvocal and instrumental interpretation and body language. Moreover, we detect and promote the talent of our pupils through competitions where pupils express and demonstrate their talent for singing, dancing or acting.

Música en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


We have one music room and another dance room equipped with small percussion instruments, Orff instruments, keyboards, blackboards and digital projectors, computers, music equipment. Pupils work on musical composition using their iPads with apps such as GarageBand.

Música en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


They can also participate in the Casvi Boadilla Choir, for which pupils are selected through the Department of Music and was made up of 60 pupils in 2018-19. The Choir performs at events like communions and graduations at the centre and even performs a Christmas recital for the local retirement home in collaboration with Acción Solidaria Casvi.


How do we work?

In Preschool Education our pupils begin to explore their environment through dance, body language and their own body and identity through body percussion and their voice. They also encounter the exploration of sound with musical instruments available in classrooms such as keyboard percussion instruments and small percussion. All this is done in a play-oriented and spontaneous manner, with the specialised teaching guide.

Música en Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla.


Pupils later go on to analyse and understand everything they discover in these early phases in later cycles of Primary and Middle School, through musical language and more theoretical aspect related to the material, using musicograms, franelograms, etc. In Primary there are different individual and group activities based on the pupil’s overall development.