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Casvi Boadilla

TPR Department

The Technology, Programming and Robotics Department is particularly important from 3rd year Primary on when pupils tackle new technology challenges. From this year on, pupils begin to use Scratch and bMaker, which are the first programmes they work with through the use of blocks. With these programmes pupils complete their first projects with which they learn robotics and programming. What's more they work in a team and develop their creativity and logical thinking; all through games.


In 5th and 6th year Primary they broaden their base and begin to program using code with the Swift Playground application on their iPads.

Tecnología, Programación y Robótica


In 1st year Middle School they continue to develop programming and robotics and learn to develop videogames for iPad with Scratch, the popular block-based programming language. They are also introduced to 3D design.

In 2nd year Middle School, pupils tackle textual programming languages for the first time through Processing, a language based on Java. In 3rd and 4th year Middle School they learn to build and program robotics projects using Arduino boards.

Tecnología, Programación y Robótica en Casvi Boadilla.


At Baccalaureate level they begin to create their first databases using SQL and VisualBasic, and they also create videogames and applications for Android, which they can then use outside the centre on their own devices.

Tecnología, Programación y Robótica