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Linguistic Exchanges

As part of our desire for our pupils to obtain an international education and discover other cultures, we have a Language Exchange Programme that is run for pupils from 5th year Primary to 3rd year Middle School, providing pupils with many benefits such as strengthening their foreign language, the acquisition of values such as respect and integrity and improving their maturity, autonomy and confidence.

Mentalidad Internacional en Casvi Boadilla. Intercambio de Casvi en Tulsa.


We organise these exchanges directly with school centres from different countries therefore there is no intermediary agency. So that pupils can benefit from this intercultural education we have exchanges with different countries:

  • United States. Oklahoma and the Virgin Islands are the destinations of the two programmes in which our pupils can participate. In Tulsa (Oklahoma), 5th year Primary pupils have the opportunity to integrate with American culture for two months. We have another exchange with a school in St. Thomas, the capital of the Virgin Islands. There, pupils discover the history and culture of the islands over six weeks in which they acquire another perspective on the world.
  • Germany. Delmenhorst and Berchtesgaden are the cities that host our pupils from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Middle School who decide to extend their cultural knowledge and practice their German overseas.

Mentalidad Internacional en Casvi Boadilla. Intercambio de Casvi en Alemania.