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Casvi Boadilla

Digital health

Pupils begin to work with the iPad as another learning tool from 5th year of Primary. And we believe that in addition to learning to use it for educational purposes they must learn to use it in a responsible and safe manner. That's why, during school hours, a Digital Health subject is taught that is complemented by presentations and workshops with experts in the subject in order to prevent and avoid online risks.


During these classes, work is carried out so that each pupil is capable of recognising when they are using the Internet excessively, and thus prevent the development of technology addictions.

In recent Primary Years classes, some pupils have begun using social media, therefore we also consider it important to work with them on the privacy of their social media profiles and the trail they leave on the Internet or what we call digital footprint. On the other hand, Digital Health is also focussed on preventing cases of cyber bullying, grooming or sexting and making children reflect on how they would react to any of these problems.

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The first step towards preventing network risks is to be conscious of what they are.