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Casvi Boadilla

Leaders School

Leader’s School is born both thanks to our experience as an IB school and to Casvi’s Nature Camp in Sierra de Gredos (Ávila). 
It is a summer English camp that follows the IB methodology, similar to the one carried out in our classes, but with a change of scenery. The aspect that makes it a Leader Camp is its leadership work, which is developed through activities. This allows its participants or  Leaders to manage part of the camp under the supervision and cooperation of tutors with a broad IB experience and free time monitors. 
All in all, this camp evolves around certain activities that improve students’ individual and group management abilities. It is aimed at fostering cooperative work and at developing certain skills that make up the IB frame (e.g. social, self-management, research, thinking and communication skills).
Leaders School del Grupo de Colegios Casvi.