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Casvi Boadilla

Reinforcement program

To ensure that everyone takes full advantage of their skills and talents, we have a number of different tools.

1) Strengthening or extension programmes, according to the educational needs of each pupil. At Middle School (Compulsory Secondary or ESO as per the Spanish) and Baccalaureate level there are also support classes and programmes outside school hours for core subjects.

2) Two hours of study during school hours as an elective subject for those pupils who need individual strengthening from Middle School on.

Oferta Educativa en Casvi Boadilla.


3) Tutorials. Family-school communication is a priority and is fundamental for us; that’s why we host several tutorials during the course.

4) Attention and Support Programme for these pupils with special education needs.

5) The number of hours per subject is higher than that set by the Department of Education (8 hours per week more than in public schools). Thus our curricular Project adapts best to the individual characteristics of our pupils and their skills.