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This is the final education stage for our pupils who reach the end of their academic education in the centre. There are two modes in which the Baccalaureate is taught at Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla: Sciences on the one hand, and Humanities and Social Sciences on the other.

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During this stage, pupils may present for the University Access Assessment (EvAU). In five of seven Baccalaureate classes, the Complutense University has awarded one of our pupils for being placed among the 100 best grades in this examination.

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In this academic stage the pupils themselves choose their tutor, who will guide them and assist them with the doubts that may arise. Moreover, the Department of Orientation will assist pupils in planning and organising their course as well as providing study techniques and hosting relaxation workshops in the build up to the examinations. There are also university orientation activities through personal interviews and the organisation of a University Fair that brings together public and private Universities from Spain and overseas.


Finally, we highlight the computer skills and knowledge our pupils acquire. In 1st and 2nd year Baccalaureate, web development is an important element for our pupils studying the Sciences module. In Information and Communication Technologies  they program in professional development environments and begin to their own databases and even videogames. Then the knowledge acquired in programing is put into practice as developers at prestigious competitions such as HP CodeWars.

Oferta Educativa en Casvi Boadilla.


Here at Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla we want to encourage our pupils beyond their time with us academically, assisting them in their personal growth, sending them to University with advantages and facilitating their correct development in the labour market.