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Casvi Boadilla

Middle School (MYP)

The pupil in the Middle School stage must assume new challenges and will encounter different situations. To overcome them, they must investigate and work as a team in a creative way, developing the attributes of the IB profile: inquisitive, informed and instructed, thoughtful, communicative, upstanding, well-rounded, reflective, audacious and open-minded with a sense of solidarity.

Oferta educativa Secundaria.


They continue to work on a multidisciplinary basis and through the concepts of different Units of Inquiry. This way, they obtain learnings that last over time, both at academic and personal level. But to do so it is important to fine-tune the study habits that we begin to create in the first phases of the education process.

Oferta educativa Secundaria.


In this stage, languages and technology continue to have a great impact on the education of pupils:

  • Technological tools. They continue to extend their knowledge and develop their skills with the use of iPads on which they have their textbooks and develop their creativity in the educational and personal sphere through the use of different applications.
  • Furthermore, to provide support for these technological needs, there is a subject “Technology Programming and Robotics” that, continuing with the fundamentals obtained in Primary, foster the development of logical thinking. Pupils work on programming to the highest level, are introduced to 3D design, programming text languages and learn to build and program elements that are used in automation using Arduino boards.
  • Languages. As well as English, French and German are also taught, all in small groups to foster the fluidity of conversation. The objective is for pupils to discover new cultures, develop an International Mentality and acquire new skills in learning languages. Also, in 2nd year of Middle School, they may practise these skills on Language Exchanges to the Virgin Islands (USA), Germany and France.


At Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla we obtained the Middle Years Programme (MYP) authorisation in 2020. As part of that, our teachers have received the training necessary for this methodology and they will refresh their knowledge and teaching methods regularly.

As in Primary, this stage is completed with an individual project. In the project, the pupil demonstrates all the skills acquired. They will carry out research into a subject chosen freely by the pupil themselves, which will conclude with the presentation of the product or the presentation of the inquiry where applicable. The project is carried out under the supervision of one of the teachers at the centre.