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Casvi Foundation

At Eurocolegio Casvi we have always been conscious of our commitment to the comprehensive preparation of our pupils, in which social commitment and education in values should play a principal role. 

La Fundación Casvi cumplió su undécimo aniversario en 2019.


From the very start we began to collaborate with different NGOs. But it was in 2006 when the foundations were laid for the birth of Fundación Casvi. The purpose of the foundation was to involve our entire Education Community in works of public good to help the poorest sectors of society both here at home and abroad.

For its first project the foundation travelled to Piura (Peru), to build a three-storey building using funds sent from Casvi in one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the city.

Today the building houses an Occupational Training Centre. It offers training in sectors such as hospitality, painting, ceramics, textiles work, hairdressing, embroidery and computer skills.

The building also has a cafeteria where 140 people are fed daily, among them children and the elderly with no resources.

La Fundación Casvi cumplió su undécimo aniversario en 2019.


Several containers of school materials, clothing, first aid material and toys have also been sent to Piura (Peru).

The foundation also collaborates with other organisations such as Caritas in its food collection programme.

Charity projects in which we have participated over the last 12 years of the foundation have made us feel more like we were the ones receiving help rather than giving it. Thanks to this activity we have managed to provide our pupils with an education in values and show them a reality with which we should all show solidarity.

La Fundación Casvi cumplió su undécimo aniversario en 2019.


We also raised funds for Piura through the sale of tickets for the Christmas Party and End of Year Party.