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Casvi Boadilla

Mission, vision and values

To help our pupils grow personally and intellectually for an advantageous entry to university, to the labour market and in any real life situation through the detection and development of talent, with enterprising spirit and ethical commitment to our society. 
Misión, visión y valores de Casvi Boadilla.
To be leaders in international and global teaching, in quality and innovation, where our pupils reach the maximum levels of excellence in academic and personal training, developing, within the International Baccalaureate framework, critical thinking and a command of languages while developing sport, creativity and the artistic spirit, providing personalised service for families, and technological and educational innovation. 
Misión, visión y valores de Casvi Boadilla.
Trust: family and school as one in the decision making process.
Communication: accessible, precise and continued.
Commitment: achieve the best for each of our pupils.
Coherence: our example, the best educational tool.
Sincerity and honesty: more than 30 years loyal to our ideas and our principles.
Misión, visión y valores de Casvi Boadilla.
Respect and tolerance: we form citizens of the World.
Determination and perseverance: we work to achieve our objectives.
Empathy: we make your concerns and goals ours.
Exigency and understanding: we employ the appropriate strategy at all times.
Enthusiasm: we enjoy educating.
Responsibility: the future is in our hands.